Skincare Guide: Top 3 Ways to Fade Skin Spots

Looking for the most effective way to fade skin and age spots? There are literally hundreds of drugs and skin care products that promise you perfect results and spotless skin. Which is the best way to fade skin spots?

Skin spots or age spots are unwanted spots on the skin. Whether they be on the cheeks, forehead, arms or shoulders, people, especially women, hate to see them. Naturally, people want to have flawless skin. For them, skin spots make them look less beautiful. And the name even has a bad implication. It makes you appear and, whether you like to admit it or not, feel old. Because of this, people try to find ways to fade skin spots fast and easy.

But before you even think of ways to remove them, you have to know first what they are. Age spots, contrary to its name, are not caused by ones age though their appearance becomes more prevalent as one ages. Age spots are also called liver spots. But this also does not mean that they are caused by liver problems. Other people call skin spots sun spots. This is a more appropriate term because age spots are caused by exposure to the sun.

The top three ways to fade skin spots are through clinical procedures, use of topical creams and bleaching soaps and home remedies.

Clinical Procedures

Cryosurgery. This procedure uses freezing techniques to remove the skin spots. A freezing agent is applied or sprayed on the skin. Freezing destroys the abnormal skin cells so they are easily removed. This procedure is a bit expensive.

Laser treatment

This procedure uses laser technology to remove the age spots. Usually two or more sessions are needed to fully remove the spots. But people who have tried this treatment vouch for its effectiveness. Like cryosurgery laser treatment is also expensive. You would need hundreds of dollars per laser treatment session.

Topical bleaching creams

These creams contain bleaching agents that aim to fade discoloration. However, most of the time, the surrounding areas also lighten so the spots remain visible.

Topical Applications


In this method, creams are applied on the skin particularly on the spot where the spots are. These creams contain abrasive particulates that exfoliate the skin. This method rejuvenates the skin. This method can also be expensive.

Bleaching soaps

They work much in the same way as creams only they are in the form of soaps. You would need a few months for you to see the full results.

Home Remedies

Horseradish. To prepare this, do the following steps. Grate horseradish roots. Mix one teaspoon of this with half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, half a teaspoon of vinegar and three drops of rosemary essential oil. Dab this mixture on your skin using cotton swab. Apply this twice a day. Castor oil. This oil is said to be effective in removing age spots. You just need to rub organic castor oil into the skin. Effects can be seen after about a month of continued use.

If you want to fade skin spots on your face or on any other parts of your body, you may choose from any of the ways mentioned here. You just have to be careful so that skin irritation will be prevented. It is always best to consult a dermatologist because they can suggest whatever will be best for you. Remember that not everything that is effective for one person is effective for others also.

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