Skincare Guide: How to Fade Age Spots for a Younger Complexion

Brown age spots on skin can make you look older than you really are. It’s a fact of life. Most common signs of aging that are visible to the naked eye are induced from sun damage and show up as wrinkles and age spots on your face, arms, hands and neck. Further, sun damage can make your skin appear dull and lifeless. Restore your skin’s natural vibrancy and fade the age spots through a few simple lifestyle changes, preventative measures and easy topical skin treatments that will reverse the signs of aging and lighten age spots. With the right skin care, spots on face won’t be a problem!

Fading age spots: “At one time, the only remedy was to cover them up with cosmetics,” states the skin care researchers at the Harvard Women’s Health Watch (12/2007). “Now,” they write, “there are therapies that help reverse the signs of photoaging at the physiological level. One approach is physical removal by surgery, microdermabrasion, or chemical peel. But many women prefer something gentler, and topical medications can help.”

Before using topical medications, we suggest you try a few simple remedies to protect your body from sun damage BEFORE you have age spots on skin. First, avoid the sun during its peak hours of ten in the morning to four in the afternoon. This is when the ultraviolet rays are the most powerful and can wreck havoc on your skin. Second, use a high quality, premium sunscreen developed to both shield your skin as well as deliver a potent mix of antioxidants and anti-aging treatments to simultaneously fade and lighten brown age spots. (we review the best and most-effective sunscreens for age spots in our Skin Care Product Reviews)

Second, use a natural skin brightener to fade brown age spots and make your face look younger. With the right skin care, spots can fade. Dab lemon juice on your age spots twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The natural acids in the lemon juice will increase skin cell turnover, helping to push out the damaged skin cells and replacing them with new, pure skin cells to quickly remove age spots.

If such natural skin bleaching doesn’t remove your skin’s age spots to your satisfaction, or if you want a quick solution to brown age spots and skin blemishes, we recommend the following topical treatments (for full reviews, see our Product Reviews):

Tretinoin to lighten age spots on skin: A skin treatment with tretinoin as the active ingredient is a proven and VERY fast way to get rid of age spots and reverse the signs of aging and skin damage from the sun. However, tretinoin can cause skin irritation and dryness so it should only be used with a premium skin moisturizer or hydrating skin cream. Tretinoin can e found in various products, including Renova, the perennial favorite Retin-A, and Avita. Read our skin spot Product Reviews to find the best tretinoin for your lifestyle and age. Alternatives include products containing retinol, such as the powerful “Help Me” retinol skin treatment cream from Philosophy.

Hydroquinone to fade age spots: Hydroquinone is one of the most effective topical skin medicines for age spots and the fading and lightening of brown skin marks. Highly recommended by expert skin care specialists and dermatologists, hydroquinone works by reducing pigment production. Most individuals who use hydroquinone to lighten age spots and brighten dull skin will experience results and lightened brown skin spots in as little as 28 days. See our Product Reviews for the best hydroquinone products and the most effective usage and dosage of hydroquinone for the erasing of age spots. Example products include HQ+ Gel Peel, Nadinola Skin Bleach Dry and Porcelana Fade Dark Spots Daytime Treatment.

Adapalene gel to brighten age spots: Adapalene gel is effective and safe for improving the look of sun-damaged skin that has experienced to much ultraviolet exposure. Adapalene gel can quickly fade brown age spots and make you look younger, perfecting your skin while also clearing acne and treating skin blemishes. Check out our proven Product Reviews to find the best skin spot treatments for lighter, brighter and healthier skin.

A Skin Health Note: Whenever you use topical skin creams, medications and age spot treatments, be sure to consult a dermatologist. It also helps if you use the best products available, many of which have been reviewed in our list of best over-the-counter skin spot treatments for skin spots. You may think you are saving money when buying cheaper treatments for age spots. However, you often get what you pay for. Think of it as an investment if you want the best age spot treatment to effectively, safely and quickly reveal newer, perfect skin. There is nothing better to invest in than your personal health, beauty and flawless skin that is free of age spots for a younger complexion.

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