Skincare Guide: Best Ways to Fade Sun Spots

A day in the sun can leave you with a golden tan. It can also leave you with sun spots, tiny brown spots that dot your skin and are signs of skin damage from the sun’s rays. Restore your skin’s youthful glow and learn the best ways to fade sun spots safely, effectively and quickly!

If there’s one thing in common that is shared by many people, it is the fact that they don’t want brown spots to develop on their skin. Brown spots are often mistakenly associated with age. This is a major misconception since it has been established by experts that the development of these spots has nothing to do with age. Calling them sunspots is more appropriate since brown spots and freckles are induced by the sun. Of course, everybody wants to fade sun spots on their skin since they are unsightly and make you look older than your age.

First of all, you need to take preventive measures to reduce the appearance of sun spots. Do not overexpose yourself to the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the ones that initiate skin discoloration and it is the only reason why sun spots are present on your skin in the first place. If you can’t help going out or if your work requires you to, limit the hours that you have to display yourself to the sun and always find a shade to hide yourself during peak hours.

Bring an umbrella if you have to attend an outdoor activity. Light-coloured and closely knitted fabrics have certain advantages when it comes to protecting yourself to the harmful effects of the sun. The light colour doesn’t absorb the rays of the sun and clothing materials that are woven tightly keep the sunrays from penetrating your clothes and eventually getting to your skin. Even if you only have to go out for a while, always make it a point to smear a generous amount of sunscreen on your skin. If you have any existing sun spots, the sunscreen keeps them from getting darker.

You can fade sun spots by using chemically-induced products. Over-the-counter products are effective in eliminating spots that are still not too dark and big in size. However, do not use any random products that catch your eye. Don’t rely solely on glossy advertisements either. Some dark spot treatments are loaded with harmful chemicals that will only generate more problems rather than alleviate them. Products with hydroquinone are the most recommended whitening treatment. However, this ingredient is also controversial and some experts say that long term use can cause damaging effects.

If you want a safer way to help you fade sun spots, perhaps you would want to consider various home remedies. A mixture of ¼ cup borax and ½ cup of sugar is known to lighten skin after regular use. Let the mixture stand for 48 hours and stir at least once a day. Use a q-tip to apply the mixture on the affected areas. Another effective home remedy is a mixture of borax, glycerine and water. Grated horseradish soaked in vinegar and buttermilk is also sworn by many to be effective in lessening brown spots.

If you want a more immediate result, consult a dermatologist. Treatments like chemical peel, cyrotherapy and laser resurfacing are expensive alternatives in removing sun spots. Any of these treatments is very effective but comes with a high cost. They can also be dangerous if not done properly. Always follow your dermatologist’s advice to avoid any complication after a particular treatment.

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