How to Fade Sun Spots and Prevent Sun Skin Damage

Face sun spots are one of the most common forms of skin blemishing, especially among those who enjoy sunbathing, the beach, outdoor work and similar activities that expose skin to the sunlight. Face sun spots typically appear on the cheekbones and the fragile, thin skin around the eyes, though sun spots can show up all over the body. Such brown spots, commonly referred to as sun spots, skin spots or liver spots, can age your skin’s appearance and make you look older and more tired than you really are. Discover how to fade sun spots for greater self confidence and health.

The great news is that individuals can take preventative measures to protect the skin from forming face sun spots. There are also effective over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products that effectively lighten and fade sun spots to restore your facial skin’s appearance and make you look younger, radiant and perfect. Use our skin care tips, plus fade cream for sun spots, to quickly erase and lighten sun damage and fade sun spots for perfect, smooth and flawless skin that will amaze your friends and family.

Sun spots (or liver spots) on your skin are caused when free radicals from the sun’s ultraviolet rays hit your skin, damaging your skin cells and increasing uneven pigment production. Sun damage is accumulative. Thus, sun spots are often seen as a sign of aging, which is unfortunate for individuals who simply enjoy sunbathing and have experienced significant sun exposure. On the other hand, fading sun spots can be the quickest and cheapest way to look younger!

Before attempting to fade and lighten your sun spots and brown spots, implement preventative measures for your skin’s health. Prevention is the ultimate skin care key when it comes to aging and sun damage, as anti-aging products and skin creams can only do so much to reverse the damage to your epidermis. First, wear large sunglasses. Yes, the type that are huge and wrap-around like a celebrity’s shades are perfect. The bigger the better, because the larger sunglasses will shield not just your eyes but also the delicate skin around your eyes which are especially susceptible to skin damage from the sun.

Second, apply the best premium sunscreen that is specifically created to shield the skin from damaging UV rays as well as reverse the signs of aging and face spots. Remember, you get what you pay for. The best anti-aging sunscreen that also targets sun spots and renews the skin contain special ingredients and formulas that can minimize your winkles and the appearance of skin spots. We review some of the best sunscreens for these purposes in our skin care product reviews (top of the page). Always wear your premium sunscreen anytime you are outside or exposed to the sun’s rays, and try to limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible (especially between 10am and 4pm).

Fading Sun Spots: Start with an all-natural method to fading and brightening sun spots. Lemon juice is a natural skin brightener and is all-natural! Squeeze a lemon into a bowl and use a clean cotton swab or cotton ball to dab the lemon juice on any area of your skin on which you notice liver spots, sun spots and brown skin spots. The pure, gentle fruit acids in the lemon juice will slowly and naturally brighten your skin to fade any brown blemishes you may have. Over time, regular applications of fresh lemon juice will reveal smoother, perfected skin that is free of dark sun spots and freckles. Additionally, the high vitamin C content of pure lemon juice delivers a vitamin boost to your skin.

If you want to fade sun spots quicker, use an over-the-counter skin care treatment like fade cream for sun spots with powerful anti aging qualities. Our favorite products come from Olay and Garnier, but we have complete listings in our Skin Product Review page. For the most effective treatment against sun damage and sun spots, use an anti-aging serum or skin cream that includes UV shields. This allows the skin care product to lighten your sun spots while simultaneously protecting your skin from future sun damage and sun spots.

Another thing to consider is the process of boosting your skin’s health to resist sun damage, thereby minimizing your risk of developing sun spots and brown liver spots. Reduce stress and boost skin health to raise your skin’s defense against ultraviolet rays. Drink lots of water and use a hydrating face cream to retain moisture (we recommend Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar” world-famous daily facial moisturizer cream, which won a “Best of Sephora” award). Regular moisturizing boosts your skin’s elasticity and natural radiance. Take a multivitamin, and eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants naturally fight the damage caused by free radicals, the leading factor in sun damage.

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