How to Easily Lighten Brown Skin Spots

Brown spots, skin spots and blemishes, especially those on the upper cheekbones and around your eyes, can make your skin look tired, old and aged. However, these skin blemishes don’t just affect fragile facial skin, but can also show up on your neck, forearms and hands. Thankfully, it is easy to lighten skin spots and fade brown spots for a rejuvenated, youthful appearance that is positively radiant!

The Causes of Skin Spots: Brown spots and skin spots can be the result of various lifestyle factors, including stress and skin damage. The latter is the typical reason cited for skin spots. With a few treatment steps and the right skin care products, you can restore your skin to its younger appearance and erase skin spots.

Prevention is always the first step when it comes to proactive skin care measures to defeat and remove skin spots. Environmental factors, namely the sun’s ultraviolet rays, are the major contributing cause for skin spots. The sun-induced spots are created when ultraviolet rays hit your skin, releasing free radicals that bounce amongst your skin cells causing premature aging and discoloration due to increased skin pigment production.

Before trying to fade skin spots, we suggest you take preventative measures and use sunscreen religiously. The benefits of sunscreen for spots are two-fold. First, it protects your skin from future damage and reduces the chances that you’ll notice new skin spots forming on your face, arms or hands. Second, many skin care treatments and skin care products designed to bleach, lighten and remove brown skin spots make your skin more susceptible to free radical damage and the sun. A good preventative strategy can help protect your skin when it is most susceptible and being repaired, thereby preventing more skin spots from forming.

The first step in preventative skin spot removal is a high-end sunscreen that blocks ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA, full spectrum) from reaching your skin, damaging your skin cells and aging it prematurely. The best sunscreen for preventing skin spots are full spectrum sunscreens that are specially formulated to not clog your pores or create that greasy, sunscreen feeling. This is important because you need to wear sunscreen every day, and no one wants to show up at the office or a party looking, smelling and feeling like you’re wearing heavy sunscreen all over. The good news is that many sunscreen manufacturers and skin care product designers, such as Lay, have created special sunscreens that are light, easy to apply and don’t clog your pores or feel like sunscreen. Many also have anti-aging benefits that help accelerate the fading of your skin spots. For product reviews and to find the best sunscreen for your money that also helps with fading skin spots, see our best skin product reviews.

While sunscreen helps protect your skin from developing brown spots and blemishes, avoidance is the best key. Stay out of the sun when its UV rays are the strongest. Typically, this is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. When you do go out, be sure to apply the sunscreens we recommend, as well as wear protective clothing like a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face and long-sleeved shirts to shield and protect your arms. Also, wear sunscreen even when you don’t think you’ll be in the sun for long. Every step helps to keep your skin looking young and healthy!

Fading Skin Spots: With a few simple skin care tips and steps, you can accelerate the appearance of new skin and fade brown spots quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Step 1: Fade the appearance of your skin spots using all-natural, organic skin care methods. Cut a fresh lemon and squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. Use a cotton swab and dip it in the lemon juice before gently dabbing it gently on your skin wherever you have skin spots that you want to lighten and fade. Brown skin spots will fade naturally with continuous applications of lemon juice. The lemon’s natural fruit acids accelerate skin cell turnover, encouraging new skin growth and fading and lightening your spots. This method of natural, organic skin care and spot lightening may take a longer time to see results than commercial anti-aging skin serums and skin creams. However, many individuals choose this method as a supplement to a commercial skin care schedule to enhance the skin’s appearance naturally without man-made chemicals.

Step 2: Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating creams, facial scrubs and skin cleansers deep cleanse the skin and go deep into your pores, helping to remove the upper layer of old, dead skin. Exfoliating reveals newer, non-blemished skin that is free of skin spots and brown spots. Constant exfoliating can help fade your skin spots and also prime the skin for any anti-aging creams and sun spot lightening products, potentially boosting their effectiveness. We recommend the Philosophy’s “the microdelivery” micro-massage exfoliating wash, which bills itself as “sulfate-free and formulated with ingredients designed to replenish and protect the skin with topical antioxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level.” Men can try MenScience’s Microfine Face Scrub.

Step 3: Generously apply an effective anti-aging cream or skin care serum designed to target skin problems, aging and skin spots. We recommend proven skin care creams that are specifically formulated to regenerate your skin’s cells and fade brown spots quickly, efficiently and effectively. For examples and to find what works best for you, see our skin care product guide.

Exemplary skin care products include the Olay line and Neutrogena, amongst others. New skin care innovations and inventions are constantly hitting the market. See our skin care product reviews to find the best skin care products that can help you lighten spots and achieve the perfect, smooth skin that you yearn for.

An additional benefit for professional, commercial skin care products is that they often have added perks such as smoothing and hydrating. This can create an overall younger appearance with your skin literally glowing and radiant.

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